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When will the heroin epidemic end?

Depressed anxious person suffer from trauma

It seems these days you cannot open a newspaper or watch the news without seeing a story about someone overdosing on heroin or other opiates.  On Facebook you see the countless heartbreaking stories of parents who lost a child to overdose and are spending their time effortlessly spreading the word in hopes of preventing another parent from experiencing such heartbreak. Endless foundations have been started like Tyler’s Light. Started by his Father Wayne Campbell after the tragic loss of his son to a heroin overdose after getting addicted to pain pills while playing sports. Wayne now has dedicated his time and energy to educate others in hopes of saving a life.

So why does it seem that this problem is only getting worse? Could it be that through social media we are able to see the affect opiates are having on our country? Is it easier to speak out online and hide behind a computer? Or has this epidemic become so wide spread people are finally speaking out whether out of desperation or just pure fear. Whatever the reason may be they are SPEAKING UP.

We are all aware of the problem and the many different ways in which people get entangled with opiates. But what comes next? Where does someone even begin in the journey of recovery?

Intensive Treatment Systems (ITS) is dedicated to helping the community and helping guide those in need of help.  Intensive Treatment Systems is an outpatient substance abuse treatment program providing Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) to patients who are affected by Opioid Use Disorder, or opioid addiction. The primary treatment objective of ITS is to help patients free themselves from the dysfunctional pattern of opioid abuse through the use of medications such as Methadone as well as counseling and case management services.

Intensive Treatment Systems is aware that this is just one part of recovery and is committed to helping patients and making sure they have the right resources available to them. Intensive Treatment systems knows that only together can we really overcome this epidemic.

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If you’re a treatment facility or business in the community interested in being added to our resource list for patients please contact our Community Outreach Director Jennifer Stolpe.

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