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Pregnancy and Substance Abuse

Methadone Use During Pregnancy for Opioid Addiction

What You Need to Know

Our # 1 goal is to keep you and your baby safe.

You CAN start treatment during pregnancy.  


Intensive Treatment Systems (ITS) Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) program can prevent the withdrawal symptoms many drug users experience.  Withdrawal while pregnant is especially dangerous and can cause miscarriage or premature birth.  By blocking the withdrawal symptoms, MMT can help you have a healthy and successful pregnancy.

MMT while pregnant will not cause birth defects for your baby.  Some babies may experience withdrawal after birth, but withdrawal does not mean the baby is addicted.  Infant withdrawal usually begins a few days after your baby is born, but can begin two to four weeks after birth.

Withdrawal symptoms may include:

  • Fussiness, restlessness, vomiting
  • Not eating, not sleeping
  • Fever, trembling

Often a quiet and comfortable environment is enough comfort for the baby. In some cases, if symptoms are severe, your baby’s doctor may provide medication to help your baby. 

Methadone is never to be given to a baby. Even a small amount can be deadly.

Women can conceive, have normal pregnancies and give birth to healthy children while receiving MMT.


Pregnant women are a top priority when entering treatment and are offered an immediate intake appointment.

At the Intake appointment, all pregnant women are provided with a binder full of amazing resources and information on services offered to pregnant women around the Valley.  These Binders help you keep track of your Treatment and your Pregnancy, Delivery and beyond; with helpful information on how to care for your baby and who can help.  You can keep a record of all your Clinic, Hospital, OBGYN, Pediatric and support group visits, having everything in one place for easy reference.  It’s also a great tool for evidencing your commitment to treatment and your recovery.

ITS has partnered with Banner Estrella NICU Department to be part of the Eat, Sleep, Console Program.  If you test positive for drugs when admitted, the NICU team will coordinate with ITS to start MMT.  We will provide treatment, services, and support to you after your baby is born. This will continue following discharge from the hospital. 

We also partner with many other organizations to ensure you are connected to the best possible care in the clinics or in your own home.

For those women who do not have insurance and cannot afford treatment, ITS has funding available through the Substance Abuse Block Grant (SABG).

Please see our SABG page for more information on treatment options.

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