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Overcoming Addiction

Expert Individual, Group and Family Counseling

Individual Counseling

puts the focus on the immediate or pressing needs of an individual.  Learning how to develop solutions for future challenges, how to appropriately deal with grief and loss, learning new skills to cope with life transitions, anxiety, depression or trauma are done in a one-on-one setting where you and the counselor find helpful ways to deal with the issues of life. Working with a counselor who seeks to understand your needs from culturally relevant perspective can make a difference in developing a treatment plan to achieve beneficial and lasting results for you. Intensive Treatment Systems uses a strength based approach to meet the individual needs of a client.

What you can expect:

  • Assess and Identify your specific challenges and goals
  • Work with competent, skilled and empathetic counselor to develop treatment plan
  • Collaborative treatment planning based on your specific needs
  • Individual approach to your personal needs in recovery
  • Develop coping and life management skills
  • Gain insight into the brain, routine and habits of addiction

Family Counseling

In a family system everyone is affected by the behavior of the other and helpful patterns of behavior develop or unhelpful patterns of behavior develop. Through education and therapeutic interventions family counseling can help the client and their family understand the role, the nature of addiction and how changing negative patterns of behavior can have a positive impact on family dynamics.  Improving communications, becoming a better parent, setting healthy boundaries, learning to share feelings in healthy ways, dealing with anger and learning how to manage self-care without the guilt are a few of the benefits of family counseling.

What you can expect:

  • Education of family members about medication assisted treatment (MAT) to break the stigma of medication options
  • Interview family members to develop a family plan to treat addiction
  • Educate family members about healthy communication goals in recovery
  • Help family members understand their role in recovery

Group Counseling

If you want to make a powerful “change outside make a powerful change inside”. The power to change often begins with knowing you are not alone. Group counseling offers people a chance to come out of isolation and interact with others who may be facing similar struggles. Group counseling members often provide insight and share what they did to face their fears, overcome an obstacle or deal with anxiety and depression; the sharing can provide a ray of hope for others.  In the hands of a skilled counselor group participants can gain a fresh perspective, to renew commitments to reach new heights and achieve their goals. When you want to make positive change for good group counseling maybe the right fit.