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Treatment Success Stories

The staff at Intensive Treatment Systems are very passionate about the treatment and services we offer to our patients.  The most rewarding aspect of the work that we do is to see the improvements and changes our patients make in their lives every day.  Sometimes these may be small; but they all matter!

Some of our patients wanted to tell their stories of addiction, the struggles they faced, how they are overcoming them, the impact addiction has made to their  health, the effects addiction has on their families and the difference treatment has made.  Some of our staff have also had struggles with addiction and Monica provides a Mom’s perspective as sadly her son passed away.  They wanted to keep it real, to show that they truly understand the journey and that they are there to help and support every step of the way!

We would like to share some of these stories with you to show that there is always hope!  They tell you, recovery is not easy BUT it is worth the struggle.  

Intensive Treatment Systems would like to thank them all for allowing us to share their stories, the underlying message they send to you is ‘treatment really does work’.