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ITS Mobile Unit for Substance Use Treatment

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Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Services

The Mobile Unit has been converted into a working clinic in order to provide full service in the community that parallels one of the 5 Intensive Treatment Systems physical locations.

Services offered:

  • Medication Assisted treatment (methadone, suboxone, vivitrol)
  • Naloxone
  • Integrated care services
  • Psychiatric services
  • Counseling
  • Case Management
  • Peer Support Services
  • Drug testing
  • Referral to wraparound services
  • Transportation services

The Mobile Unit is an initiative provided through Intensive Treatment Systems (ITS), designed to assist and serve people ages 18 years and older that are struggling with opioid and other co-occurring challenges through Medication Assisted Treatment services.

Purpose of the Intensive Treatment Systems Mobile Unit

  • Conduct outreach to touchpoints for high risk opioid use such as jails, syringe distribution locations, homeless shelters, and SUD treatment programs. The goal is to gain the respect and trust of the highest risk people using drugs in the community.
  • Use motivational interviewing techniques to communicate with patients in a respectful, culturally appropriate, non-judgmental manner.
  • Promote harm-reduction strategies based on patients’ goals, preferences, and life circumstances.
  • Establish a relationship with patients and help navigate obstacles to follow up treatment and provide encouragement.
  • Advocate for a harm-reduction approach to patients who use drugs within the community to reinforce evidence-based, non-judgmental approaches so that patients who use drugs get the same care as patients who do not use drugs.
  • Promote the use of a non-stigmatizing culture when encountering people who use drugs.