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Community Outreach


A Lifeline to the At-risk and Homeless

At Intensive Treatment Systems, our mission of Saving Lives isn’t just a statement—it’s the driving force behind every action we take. Our dedication to this mission extends beyond the walls of our facilities and into the heart of the community. We firmly believe in the power of outreach, providing essential lifelines to at-risk individuals who may be homeless and grappling with substance abuse disorders and/or mental health conditions.

Building Trust Through Consistent Presence

Our presence in the community is consistent and resolute. We understand that trust is not given—it is earned. That’s why our team is regularly seen on the streets, in shelters, and wherever our services are needed most. We approach each individual with dignity, empathy, and an understanding ear, treating them not as cases, but as fellow human beings who deserve respect and care.

Peer Supports: The Power of Relatability

Our peer supports are more than just caregivers—they’re relatable figures who have experienced similar struggles. This shared experience allows for a deeper connection, fostering an environment of understanding and compassion that can be a catalyst for change.

Connecting Individuals to Vital Resources

  • When these at-risk individuals are ready, we act as a bridge, connecting them to a network of resources both within our organization and through our community partners. Our aim is to equip them with the tools they need to reclaim their lives and thrive.
  • These resources include but aren’t limited to:
    • Education in Harm Reduction: We provide education on safer practices, reducing the negative consequences associated with substance use.
    • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT): We offer access to MAT, an effective method of overcoming addiction that combines medication with counseling and behavioral therapies.
    • Counseling Services: Our counseling services offer a safe space for individuals to express their feelings and navigate their path to recovery.
    • Housing Options: We assist in finding suitable housing options, providing a stable environment that is conducive to recovery.
    • Pregnancy and Women’s Health Support: We offer specialized support for pregnant women and address unique women’s health issues related to substance abuse and mental health.
    • Veterans’ Unique Needs: We understand the unique challenges faced by veterans. Our programs are tailored to meet their specific needs, offering them the care and support they deserve.
  • At ITS, we’re not just treating symptoms—we’re saving lives. We’re steadfast in our commitment to reach out to those in need, offering a helping hand and a beacon of hope. Join us in our mission of Saving Lives, because every life is worth saving.