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Peer Support

The Power of Peer Support

Strengthening Recovery from Addiction

Intensive Treatment Systems (ITS) has a team of professionally trained Care Advocates (Peers) who have personal experience in recovery allowing them to understand first-hand what a patient and their families have experienced. 

Our Peer Support staff are incredible role models and are able to assist our patients in numerous ways:

  • Housing resources
  • Employment resources
  • Assistance with legal documentation
  • Liaison between the staff and counselors
  • Encourage patients for active participation in their own care
  • Community resources and information
  • Social and emotional support
  • Assist in developing problem solving, decision making and coping skills
  • Encourage regular self-care, healthy eating and physical activities
  • Ongoing support
  • Community outreach
  • Transportation
  • Always available 24/7

At intake; all patients will be offered time with a member of our Peer Support team and will be able to discuss their individual needs and concerns.  As our patients progress through treatment the Peer Support team will make regular outreach to ensure they are getting connected to the resources they need to support them in their recovery.