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Designer Drugs: A flashy name for a knockoff product

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The name Designer Drugs, sounds prestigious and exclusive like GUCCI or PRADA, however the reality is nowhere near as glamorous. Designer drugs are created in secret laboratories to mimic the pharmacological effects of the original drug, while avoiding the classification of illegal. Almost comparable to a knock off PRADA bag, they may look similar to the real thing, but the workmanship is poor with the stitching all wrong and the label is upside down. Like a knockoff purse designer drugs have poor workmanship and absolutely no quality control. These drugs are made from a variety of products, that when separate aren’t that harmful and sometimes used daily. However when mixed together become a deadly cocktail that is almost like playing Russian roulette when taking them. Because these drugs are made with a variety of ingredients they don’t always come out the same therefore the reaction and high aren’t always the same. This can often be deadly for someone who gets a batch of MDMA or Methamphetamine, to name a few common designer drugs, that causes them a different reaction then a previous doses. Designer drugs have ever changing ingredients and the dangers that come with them are constantly being underestimated. Which is why it is so important that awareness is brought to our community. While buying a PRADA knockoff when expecting the real deal is a giant let down, buying a designer “knockoff” drug may have a more grand and finite consequence.

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