Meet our leadership team

All of our staff are dedicated to the long-term recovery of our patients


Dr. Michael Ahmann

D.O. Medical Director

Dr. Ahmann brings to ITS the unique combination of a diverse medical background and a strong passion for helping people with substance dependence conditions. He has extensive experience in working with patients of all ages who have complex medical issues and is dedicated to providing excellent healthcare in accordance with the highest professional standards. Utilizing holistic approaches, he promotes optimal overall health and well-being for all patients. He has a friendly and approachable demeanor that helps to put patients and their families at ease while he passionately strives for excellent results.


Dr. Bonnie Mitchell

DBH, LPC, Program Director

Bonnie Mitchell is a Licensed Professional Counselor- LPC. Bonnie has a doctorate in Behavioral Health Management, a master’s degree in Clinical Counseling Mental Health and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Bonnie is accomplished in research and is a respected speaker on Medication Assisted Treatment and Integrated Care for those struggling with opiates or alcohol in the Valley; she is passionate about helping others and providing quality service to patients, their families, and the community.

Carol Golden (5)

Carol Golden

Integration of Healthcare & Public Relations Director

Carol moved to Arizona from England 10 years ago. She is a versatile executive and client advocate with 14+ years’ experience of behavioral health services and treatment options offering a strong balance between business savvy and procedural capabilities. Carol excels in outreach to health plans, local organizations, communities and clients to establish and develop valuable collaborations to improve services and access to care.


Janelle Lever

Controller & HR Director

Janelle Lever brings unique skills to ITS, she manages every aspect of human resources while guiding the financial decisions through the development of best practices and procedure to support ITS' goals. As the company continues to grow, Janelle stands on the forefront ensuring we leverage the best of technology, strategic personnel recruitment, and the best of in-house practices so our company can best help our patients, and most importantly, change their lives for the better.

Daniella (2)

Daniella Sabur

Operations Director

As the Operations Director Daniella provides clinical and administrative oversight to all ITS facilities. Daniella has a wealth of knowledge in the Behavioral Health field spanning over 21+ years which includes; managing the Center of Excellence, working with Child and Family Teams in the adolescent system, Group Homes for Pregnant Teens, Housing Programs and working with Dually Diagnosed patients. Her compassionate approach and ability to inspire staff to be their best is exceptional. Daniella is bilingual in English and Spanish.


Jeremiah Brewer

Counselor, MS, Clinic Manager

Jeremiah is a graduate of Grand Canyon University and has 20+ years in educating, organizing, managing and counseling faith based and medical community stakeholders around the psychosocial issues of HIV/AIDS. Jeremiah is passionate about using a psychoeducational and holistic approach to provide health, hope and healing to diverse populations in treating substance and alcohol addiction. When it comes to self-care Jeremiah enjoys long country drives, spending time with family and engaging in Transcendental Meditation.


Laura Zaharako

Counselor, MS, Clinic Manager

Laura is originally from Indiana and left at the age of 21 to join the Air Force. After completing her time in the military, she became a personal trainer for 5 years while working on her bachelor’s in psychology. Laura has 7 years of experience in behavioral health working specifically in substance use in both residential and outpatient services. She has a masters in Addictions Counseling from Grand Canyon University.