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How we can be triggers

talk with love and care

For a loved one in recovery, it’s important to be understanding not judgmental.  It takes courage to disclose addiction to someone they love or admire. Often fear losing your trust and respect, their self confidence will be at its lowest point. Take the time to recognize, you have the opportunity to make a huge impact, it’s not the time for confrontation.

When someone identifies as an ‘addict’ typically they are deemed as untrustworthy, with no ethics. Reaching the lowest point in their lives, rejected by friends and family. This often leads them further into addiction.

Finally, they open up and are honest about their substance use disorder. It’s crucial to be supportive, they need encouragement now more than ever.  Try not to talk negatively or accusingly as this may trigger feelings of guilt and shame. Being judged by someone you love and respect can cause additional mental health issues, it can make it more difficult to move forward honestly and transparently.  

Through life we all have obstacles to overcome Addiction unfortunately has a stigma that causes people to be treated differently. Society can be inhumane, critical and dismissive. Regardless of the substance use disorder, whether drugs or alcohol or a combination of both – support and understanding are essential.

People, places and things can be triggers, learning what the individual triggers are, how to encourage and offer guidance will help enormously.  It will foster a greater understanding and together you can make the changes needed in rebuilding your lives. 

You will have questions and doubts, about each other and the treatment processes. Our team of professionals at Intensive Treatment Systems (ITS) are available to support you and your family through this journey and the treatment options available. 
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