With the Summer comes pool parties, Barbeques, Graduations, and endless Social Events. It’s a time spent at the beach and pools with family and friends eating and drinking in the sun.  It’s also a time of year that causes many to worry and stress about maintaining sobriety.

In hopes to eliminate excess stress here are some coping skills to help you get through your summer and maintain your sobriety.

–        Identify Triggers: Identify potential triggers such as people or situations. Come up with a plan to avoid them and if not possible what to do when exposed to them.

–        Create a Recovery Plan: Write out the steps that you must take and how to react to certain situations.

–        Plan ahead: Plan ahead for having down time or being invited to parties. Practice saying no. Planning a head can go a long way and take some stress away.

–        Re-think your friends and activities: Hanging out with people you use to or engaging in certain activities may not be beneficial for you now. Surround yourself with a supportive group of friends and family members. Pick up hobbies and activities that will keep you busy and will be conducive to your new lifestyle.

The thought of being sober in the summer may seem stressful or almost impossible but there are many benefits.

–        You worked hard: Be proud of your accomplishment and who you are. Do not give that up for anyone.

–        You will save money: Not drinking or using will save you a lot of money this summer.

–        You won’t waste your days: You won’t wake up hungover or dope sick and will be able to enjoy everything summer has to offer.

–        You will be healthy: Drugs and alcohol are very hard on your health. Over time they take a toll on your physical and mental health. They deplete energy and make it hard to function.

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