The Covid-19 crisis paired with the already opiate epidemic has had an impact on individuals struggling with addiction and mental health. According to the National Institute of Health, because of the effect that Covid-19 has on the respiratory and pulmonary health it leads the potential to become a bigger threat to those who struggle with opiate use disorder.  Individuals struggling with substance use disorder are also more likely to experience homelessness, lack of health care, and barriers when it comes to transportation. ITS takes pride in being able to bridge those barriers to allow individuals the best possible care.

At ITS we are doing everything possible to ensure patient safety while continuing to give top notch patient care. ITS understands the barriers that Covid-19 has created for individuals who are engaged in MAT clinics, specifically the ones taking methadone. ITS does not only offer medication assistance treatment but also offers integrated care. We understand how difficult it is to see a provider during this pandemic. ITS strives on eliminating all barriers to make sure sobriety is in reach. At all ITS locations there is mask mandate, frequent sanitization, and social distancing guidelines in place. Like all other MAT clinics, ITS is also engaging in the Covid-19 take homes for what SAMSHA considers “stable” patients.

At ITS, we take the crisis very serious, but also understand the impact it has had on mental health.  Individuals may experience a surge in stress during this pandemic which can lead to many things including increased drug use. According to the CDC, there has been a surge in individuals who are reporting fear and anxiety to the pandemic. ITS is offering both in person care and telemedicine to ensure that individuals are both physically safe and mentally safe.

Intensive Treatment System offers same day appointments, same day transportation, and integrated care. Struggling with substance abuse can be exhausting, sometimes causing one to feel depressed and alone, but ITS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to offer services and help individuals gain a sense of purpose.

Call ITS to speak to someone today for a better tomorrow, 1-855-245-6350.

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